Physics Questions - Module #30

  1. An non-excited atom absorbs a single red photon, and then emits another photon. The emitted photon can be
    1. blue
    2. ultraviolet
    3. violet
    4. green
    5. white
    6. infrared

  2. A material is heated so it is "red-hot". The atoms in the material are
    1. not vibrating
    2. vibrating at an infinite range of frequencies
    3. vibrating at about the same frequency
    4. oscillating in figures of eight
    5. oscillating in circles
    6. oscillating in squares

  3. What is the primary source of the electromagnetic radiation that is continually emitted by your body?
    1. your magnetic personality
    2. your charm bracelet
    3. radioactive atoms in your bones
    4. your body temperature vibrates your atoms
    5. your body clock
    6. your most recent meal

  4. Which of the following entities is most prone to being impacted by quantum effects
    1. a whale
    2. a horse
    3. a meteor
    4. a meteorite
    5. an egg
    6. an electron
    7. a baseball

  5. An ultraviolet laser beam and an infrared laser beam have the same number of photons. Which beam has the lower energy?
    1. ultraviolet
    2. infrared
    3. both have the same energy
    4. neither has any energy
    5. depends on the speed of the ultraviolet light
    6. depends on the frequency of the infrared light
    7. all of the above

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