Answers to Physics Module Questions - Module #27

  1. The colors on your computer monitor arise by color
    1. mixing
    2. multiplication
    3. addition
    4. division
    5. subtraction
    6. exponentiation

  2. Sunsets can appear reddish due to
    1. reflection from red smog in the air
    2. reflection from blue smog in the air
    3. reflection from red dust particles in the air
    4. reflection from blue dust particles in the air
    5. blue light being scattered away by small particles in the air
    6. red light being scattered away by large particles

  3. Clothes of a certain color can appear black in a room that is lit by a light that is
    1. the same color as the clothes
    2. the complementary color of the clothes
    3. red in color
    4. blue in color
    5. white in color
    6. the supplementary color of the clothes

  4. Which will take longer to warm up in the summer sunlight
    1. a white house
    2. a black house
    3. a brown house
    4. a pink house

  5. The sky is the clearest and deepest blue when there are ____ dust particles in the air
    1. many
    2. very few
    3. very many
    4. infinite numbers of
    5. large sized
    6. medium sized

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