Physics Questions - Module #14

  1. A Helium filled balloon is released and rises up into the sky. As it moves upward, it
    1. becomes heavier
    2. becomes smaller
    3. becomes bigger
    4. stays the same size
    5. not enough information

  2. A metal gas can will float up into the air if you fill it with
    1. sand
    2. water
    3. air
    4. helium
    5. nitrogen
    6. all of the above
    7. none of the above

  3. A pair of Magdeburg hemispheres are placed in contact and then evacuated. In which of the following situations would it take the most force to pull them apart
    1. out in space
    2. at the top of the earth's atmosphere
    3. at sea level
    4. 1 km beneath the ocean surface
    5. 5 km below the ocean surface

  4. A balloon filled with air is tied to a diver's helmet with a 1 foot long string. As the diver dives to the bottom of a deep lake, the balloon
    1. expands
    2. contracts
    3. expands and then contracts
    4. contracts and then expands
    5. alternates between expansion and contraction
    6. stays the same volume
    7. all of the above

  5. As a steady wind rushes over a pointed roof, the pressure above the roof is
    1. higher
    2. lower
    3. the same
    4. alternates between higher and lower
    5. all of the above

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