Physics Questions - Module #13

  1. You submerge a gallon jug in your swimming pool. Where is the water pressure the greatest?
    1. left side of the jug
    2. right side of the jug
    3. top of the jug
    4. middle of the jug
    5. bottom of the jug
    6. all of the above
    7. none of the above

  2. You have a sheet of rolled out dough. You roll this up into a ball. Doing this reduces its
    1. mass
    2. momentum
    3. volume
    4. surface area
    5. all of the above
    6. none of the above

  3. Fill the compartments of an ice-cube tray half full with iron nails. Top off with water and freeze. Now drop one of these ice cubes in a glass of water. As it melts, the water level in the glass will
    1. drop
    2. rise
    3. stay the same
    4. all of the above

  4. An iceberg is partly immersed, as it floats in the ocean. It is buoyed up by
    1. leprechauns
    2. the gravitational attraction from the moon
    3. a force equal to the weight of the iceberg
    4. a force less than the weight of the iceberg
    5. a force greater than the weight of the iceberg
    6. a force equal to twice the weight of the water that is displaced
    7. all of the above
    8. none of the above

  5. The buoyant force is the smallest on a completely immersed
    1. 2 cubic centimeter block of iron
    2. 2 cubic centimeter block of aluminum
    3. 2 cubic centimeter block of wood
    4. the force is the same on all three blocks
    5. none of the above
    6. not enough info

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