Physics Questions - Module #11

  1. Why are the atoms in a baby's body about the same age as the atoms in an adult's body? Because…
    1. Inside every baby is an adult
    2. Inside every adult is a baby
    3. Atoms are eternal, i.e., they always existed
    4. All atoms and elements were formed at the Big Bang, about 14 billion years ago
    5. Atoms, that are present in both baby and adult, were formed about the same time by exploding stars

  2. Most of the mass of an atom is in its
    1. electrons
    2. massons
    3. atomic mass units
    4. protons and neutrons
    5. miceons

  3. The atoms in your body are mostly empty space, and so are the atoms in any wall. Why then is your body unable to pass through walls ? Because of…
    1. absence of doors in the walls
    2. magnetic forces between atoms
    3. nuclear forces
    4. gravitational forces
    5. electrical forces
    6. atomic vibrations

  4. Which of the following is a mixture?
    1. water
    2. carbon-dioxide
    3. methane
    4. air
    5. salt
    6. sugar
    7. none of the above
    8. all of the above

  5. When sodium and chlorine react to form salt, a certain amount of energy is given off. This energy is ___ compared to the energy it takes to separate sodium and chlorine to form salt.
    1. less
    2. more
    3. the same
    4. it is impossible to separate sodium and chlorine from salt

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