Physics Questions - Module #10

  1. A ball is thrown horizontally. After it has left the thrower's hand, what is the acceleration that it experiences ?
    1. an acceleration of - 1 g horizontally
    2. an acceleration of + 1 g horizontally
    3. 1 g downward
    4. 1 g upward
    5. no acceleration

  2. A pitcher drops a ball. At the same instant, another ball is thrown at an angle of 5 degrees below the horizontal. Which ball will hit the ground first ?
    1. the dropped ball
    2. the thrown ball
    3. both reach at the same time
    4. the dropped ball turns into a banana and flies away

  3. A meteor is captured by earth's gravitational field and goes into elliptical orbit around the earth. Compared to when the meteor is far from the earth, its speed when it is close to the earth is
    1. the same
    2. faster
    3. slower
    4. not enough information
    5. depends on whether today is Tuesday or Thursday

  4. A student throws a ball horizontally from the top of a 20 meter tall building. The ball hits the ground 20 m from the building. What was the students pitching speed?
    1. 20 m/s
    2. 1 m/s
    3. 5 m/s
    4. 10 m/s
    5. not enough information

  5. What keeps the moon from falling?
    1. earth's gravity is zero near the moon
    2. earth's gravity is balanced by the sun's gravity
    3. strings, smoke and mirrors
    4. magnetic forces
    5. electrical forces
    6. the moon is falling around the earth

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