Answers to Physics Module Questions - Module #8

  1. A farmer replaces the tires on his tractor with smaller diameter tires. For a given RPM, the linear speed of the tractor is now
    1. the same as before
    2. more
    3. less
    4. all of the above
    5. none of the above
    6. not enough information

  2. Based on rotational inertia, which will take longer to roll down an incline… a can filled with ice, or the same can filled with water?
    1. ice
    2. water
    3. both the same
    4. depends on the size of the can
    5. depends on the temperature of the water
    6. not enough information

  3. If you kick a football so that the force of your kick passes through its center of gravity. As it flies through the air, the football will
    1. not move
    2. rotate clockwise
    3. rotate counter-clockwise
    4. rotate from left to right
    5. not rotate
    6. not enough information

  4. As you slow down your car, the rotational speed of your tires is halved. The linear speed of a bug sitting at the edge of your tire will
    1. double
    2. quadruple
    3. stay the same
    4. be halved
    5. be reduced to a quarter

  5. During an ice age, the polar ice caps grow in size and the water-level drops in the oceans all around the earth. This redistribution of mass will cause the earth's day to become
    1. longer
    2. shorter
    3. stay the same
    4. the earth will stop rotating
    5. not enough information

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