Answers to Physics Module Questions - Module #1

  1. Art, religion and science do not necessarily contradict one another because
    1. all three have different and mutually exclusive domains
    2. the only rational course is to choose science and reject religion and art
    3. the only rational course is to choose science and art and reject religion
    4. if you choose science, you should reject religion and art
    5. if you choose religion you should reject science
    6. the three can legitimately work to complement and enrich one another
    7. if you choose art you should reject science
    8. if you choose art you should reject religion

  2. A frame-work that is used to synthesize a collection of hypotheses and related information is called a
    1. hypothesis
    2. fact
    3. theory
    4. law
    5. principle
    6. science
    7. all of the above
    8. none of the above

  3. Being knowledgeable about science, the arts, and religion, makes a person
    1. very confused
    2. truly educated
    3. very arrogant
    4. very intelligent
    5. all of the above
    6. none of the above

  4. A scientific hypothesis is
    1. a theory
    2. a hypothesis
    3. a frame-work
    4. a law
    5. a principle
    6. an educated guess
    7. a fact

  5. The difference between science and technology is that technology deals more with
    1. space aliens
    2. development of scientific theories to address human needs
    3. establishment of scientific institutions to address human needs
    4. discovery of scientific laws to address human needs
    5. application of scientific principles to address human needs
    6. destruction of opposing scientific theories
    7. leprechauns

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